Winter without hoodies is Star Wars without Darth Vader! You simply cannot imagine your life without having hoodies in your winter arsenal. Hoodies are clothes very close to our heart which we keep separately in our wardrobe just to use it mostly every day till the fall lasts. This love for hoodies have made famous manufacturers of sublimation hoodies go that extra mile to make it more feasible and opting for target customers (read 'the whole world'). Retailers looking for new hoodies featuring exquisite new designs should check out what famous manufacturers have to offer before buying in bulk. ... Read more »

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Every seen a peacock trying to be all attractive and attract female peahens? Well, it is definitely a sight of wonder and truly humbles you to see the sheer natural beauty and the magnificent mixture of natural colors to bring together something that is so splendid. No wonder, nature has its way of putting the message through, but the whole peacock dancing is significant of something other than just its immense visual.

All of what the peacock does is to truly show the females what a ... Read more »

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sublimation cap

With 90’s trends making a string comeback to the world of fashion, you are going to love a lot of them flaunting your retro side quite confidently. Though the clothes are making the louder buzz, but you cannot overlook the kind of style statement the accessories also make. For instance, the snapback caps are definitely creating a lot of stir amongst the fashion conscious people today, be it men or women, and deserve good amount of attention for being so classy, sporty and preppy.

But, to bring in some changes to your daily ensembles, you should not only add these caps to your attires, but also ensure to get ... Read more »

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sublimation shirtsOver the last few years, to mention specifically, the men’s clothing department has undergone massive changes. The face of fashion has changed with enthusiasts introducing new pieces for them. Sublimated shirts are one such piece of fashion that reflects the craziest yet most chic creations. They are comfortable to wear and the bright appeal of the prints helps them stand out. Durable, light in weight and easy to wear, sublimated shirts are a wonderful piece that every man should have in their wardrobe. But how to absolutely rock the look? Here are a few occasions summarized, with each particularly focusing on the use of the shirts.

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sublimation clothing

Sublimation as a printing technique has won our hearts with the immense opportunity it provides. Thus, it only makes sense that you are planning to get one for yourself (finally!). But wait, should just spend on something flashy and that does nothing to enhance your personal style? No, you should not. So to give you with some fresh ideas for patterns that are doing great in 2017, this season apply the below mentioned to your clothes and get a whole new level of dimension.

Colossal stripes

They are colossal for a particular reason- because they are massive and deserve every ... Read more »

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Again a summer when sublimation clothing is making all the right noises among the fashion-forwards. The demand for sublimated shirts, pants and jackets is high in the market this season. But, while this news should have brought big smiles for the small business owners, the scene is otherwise.

sublimated clothing

The fact is that even with its high appeal in the market, many retailers and wholesalers are failing to capitalize on it. End result is small sale and meager profit margin. It’s a big challenge that very few really know how to effectively deal with.

High competition in the market

Cloth ... Read more »

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