There is no end to looking uniquely stylish today, all thanks to the ever evolving global fashion scene. Fashion has become the most dynamic thing happening today, and since time immemorial, it never stops surprising us. Apart from the clothes we wear that define us, we are also entitled to getting decked up by some accessories, and they come in the form of jewelleries, bags, and shoes. With the advancement of the technology, you get to own the various fresh new styles and designs, and recently the sublimation printing technology is giving way to the huge array of printed bags, and the one having a buzz right now are the printed sublimated tote bags for the fashionable women.

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Generally the classic tote comes in a minimalistic look, shape and color but the designers and fashion houses thoug ... Read more »

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Stealing each and every fashion trend from the celebs and models marks the true identity of a true fashionista. Talking about the latest style highlights, we cannot deny the fact that the craze of wearing prints and patterns it everywhere today. The art of wearing the prints might seem a tricky one, but if done perfectly, they can add something offbeat to your regular style stance. The latest cutting-edge sublimation printing technology has been a blessing to the fashion industry, for giving way to an array of printed designs, be it embossed on tees, or imprinted on dresses. The leading wholesale clothing destinations are coming up with a medley of sublimation designs for t shirts, from the jazzy abstract motifs, to retro polkas, vintage checks and much more.

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