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3 Sublimation Prints That You Ought to Try This Season

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Sublimation as a printing technique has won our hearts with the immense opportunity it provides. Thus, it only makes sense that you are planning to get one for yourself (finally!). But wait, should just spend on something flashy and that does nothing to enhance your personal style? No, you should not. So to give you with some fresh ideas for patterns that are doing great in 2017, this season apply the below mentioned to your clothes and get a whole new level of dimension.

Colossal stripes

They are colossal for a particular reason- because they are massive and deserve every bit of the attention that they get. Stripes have been sticking around for quite some time and have successfully tried out their luck on a variety of fashion pieces. T-shirts, shirts, pants, shorts, skirts, you name it, and they are there to your utter satisfaction. Using dye sublimation to transfer the different types of stripes (vertical, horizontal, diagonal, abstract, and yada yada yada) onto the clothes is actually a fun idea. They last longer and look vibrant. *Count us all in*

Smart plaid

Plaid means flannel and flannel means first love. Breaking the stereotype that they are only for the fall and winter, dye sublimate them on your sublimation shirts, t-shirts and jackets, and make jaw-dropping appearances every time you step out of the house. From vivid to muted shades, plaid is a nifty pattern that one is ought to try out this summer. Team them with any other outfit and hit your all time high (in the fashion department).

Classic animal prints

Animal prints have always been an inspiration for the sublimation enthusiasts. The simple procedure of sublimation captures the perfect vivacity of the animal prints, and the result is staggering. Popular amongst the women, these are considered to a timeless classic which with time only gets better. From skirts to dresses, scarves to swimwear, the prints can be incorporated effortlessly on numerous fashion pieces.

With the use of the latest sublimation supplies, not only the quality but the durability of the clothes has also improved considerably. So get customized clothes with proper sublimation print done using the graphic ideas as mentioned here. Retailers can buy them in bulk from coveted manufacturers at a reasonably low price.

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