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3 Full Proof Ways to Wear A Sublimated Shirt for All Men Out There

sublimation shirtsOver the last few years, to mention specifically, the men’s clothing department has undergone massive changes. The face of fashion has changed with enthusiasts introducing new pieces for them. Sublimated shirts are one such piece of fashion that reflects the craziest yet most chic creations. They are comfortable to wear and the bright appeal of the prints helps them stand out. Durable, light in weight and easy to wear, sublimated shirts are a wonderful piece that every man should have in their wardrobe. But how to absolutely rock the look? Here are a few occasions summarized, with each particularly focusing on the use of the shirts.

# For a casual occasion: When hitting a casual setting, comfort should be the key player in your ensemble. A sublimated shirt teamed with a pair of jeans and plimsolls is simple, effective and comfortable to say the least. Pick in dark colors to look enigmatically charming.

# For a holiday vibe: Since you are on a holiday, dress the part properly. A pair of shorts teamed with a sublimated shirt showcasing tropical motifs is the ultimate high. Wear sandals to look cool yet highly composed. The pair of shorts can ideally be in a lighter shade to contrast the bright and vibrant prints of the shirt. Sublimation shirts with a variety of thematic prints and patterns can be purchased from the top manufacturers of sublimated clothes.

# For a formal tone: Now this is a risky territory to charter on, however, make sure to be careful with the prints. Sublimated shirts come in a variety of prints, but for a conventional approach opt for one that is subtle in its appeal. Stripes or checkered extravagance works well for the setting. Team the shirt with a pair of chinos to avoid looking stilted. A pair of loafers will help you maintain the smart-casual vibe with utmost panache.

Hence, whichever occasion you are planning to attend, let the sublimated shirts work the charm. To let them shine through in each of the above-mentioned combinations, keep the rest of the look anchored. Avoid clashing prints if you are not very sure about them. For enhancing your bravura, make sure to pick one in the right fit that amplifies your physique.

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