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Chic and sexy looks in flashy sublimation printed t-shirts? Yes please!

Stealing each and every fashion trend from the celebs and models marks the true identity of a true fashionista. Talking about the latest style highlights, we cannot deny the fact that the craze of wearing prints and patterns it everywhere today. The art of wearing the prints might seem a tricky one, but if done perfectly, they can add something offbeat to your regular style stance. The latest cutting-edge sublimation printing technology has been a blessing to the fashion industry, for giving way to an array of printed designs, be it embossed on tees, or imprinted on dresses. The leading wholesale clothing destinations are coming up with a medley of sublimation designs for t shirts, from the jazzy abstract motifs, to retro polkas, vintage checks and much more.

There are times when you wouldn’t like to slip into the same old plain tees, though wearing t-shirts is your forte. For this situations, the advanced sublimation technology functions to introduce the eye-catching and realistic patterns and motifs, using a mixture of color schemes. Be it for the parties, casual day outs, the brunch scenes or for travelling, these designer tees are perfect to add the right contemporary edge to your persona. You can team them up with simple denims or posh leathers, according to your preferences.

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Here are some of the style tips to own the sublimation printed tees for the bets ensemble options.

  • If the printed tee is too glossy or colorful, do not go over the top with too many accessories, rather keep it subtle with minimal jewelry. 
  • If you want to mix prints, make sure to keep a very good coordination of the printed outfits. You can either keep the color palate in mind, or the patterns can be kept as the element of fusing them. 
  • The solid outfit tuned in with the printed tee can be a very happening ensemble option, and help you deliver the most poised silhouette. 
  • With the printed tees, only the single colored or metallic finished scarves are too be used to channelize a sorted out attire. 
  • Try to avoid them at strict formal occasions, as they are too flashy and glossy, with casual stance.

Now that you have an idea to wear the printed sublimation tees, here are some of the style ideas torock them flawlessly.


The school girl prep vibe

For your weekend activities, you always don’t need to wear something very feminine and charming, you can get a polished and put together ensemble too. The tailored navy blue or black blazer can be added to the printed graphic tee, and wear this with a mini denim skirt. Add the sneaker shoe to this for the innocent silhouette.


The flawlessly ethereal look

The bright colored printed graphic tee can be worn with the neutral toned or pastel shaded long maxi skirt, with or without tucking in, This can be paired with the fedora hat, sunglasses, and the wedge footwear. Instead of the wedge heel, you can also go for the animal printed flat shoe. A perfect look for the cruise parties or brunch outings!


Sporty chic dynamism

The tweed bouncy and lose fit shorts can be worn with the printed sublimated graphic tee, and wear this with leather loafers. A simple bold ear ring can be added to this attire, and this will help you reflect the proper sporty and chic demeanor. Wear this for the weekend errands, and even to the beach outings or pool parties. Something different from the regular denim shorts!


The same color ensemble

Get a slightly edgy degree for your look, in the same color ensemble. Wear the graphic tee, and pair it with the similar colored skinny denim pant. You can add twist to this attire with the chunky and statement accessories, like collar necklaces, or the tribal ear rings. Add simple stilettoes to make this the ultimate party wear.


Spin to semi formal office look

You can carry the printed t-shirts to the office on Fridays to carry the semi formal attires. Add the single colored pencil skirt to the printed tee, and add the pencil shaped stiletto footwear. Add the sling bag or satchel one to add refined finesse.

Instead of the regular tees, you can also get something very offbeat with the sublimated hockey jersey, added to feminine clothing pieces.


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