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Men's printed fashion sense creating a rage in sublimated wear

There was a time when checks and stripes were the only patterns prevalent for men's fashion. The plain looking garments or the solid colored clothes have been adding poise to a man's wardrobe , as colors are regarded to be of the feminine sex only. But with the change in time, the global fashion scene has also evolved into something very versatile and practical, as no more are the prints restricted to the limitations of the stylish women. Once flaunted only by the fairer sex, the wardrobes of the fashion-forward men are riding high on the bold and vibrant prints and patterns.

Reflection of moods and personalities as prints are known for, these aesthetically well-defined motifs are giving way to a number of connotations and interpretations, opening the gate to more variety of silhouettes and ensembles. When it comes to knowing about the origin of these prints , it is definitely the cutting-edge sublimation printing technology which has made it possible for the clothing manufacturers to introduced a vast array of printed men's s wear outfits, in different colors and shades, and breathing new life into their nude and neutrally painted wardrobes. The leading sublimation supplies UK companies are also sprucing up the stocks of the retail stores with eye-catching printed outfits for the men in sensational varieties. 

Wondering what can be the options in terms of prints for men's fashion today? Scroll down to get a brief account. 

The animal prints


No more are the animal prints limited to the loud and bold women's styles, as the menswear pieces too are getting equally injected with the animal prints , be it the snakeskin, leopard print, or something unique and new. These prints are used to give way to sleek and refined silhouettes without crowding too many accessories. The funky tees and jackets look good with the life like animal prints brought in by the sublimation printing technology.

The ethnic prints

The traditional yet modern approach to life is portrayed through the much poplar and old ethnic prints given way through the sublimation printing process. Invading the runways today , prints are witnessed everywhere from the trousers r to the suit combos and a lot more, through myriad of statement motifs, ikat interpretations, full and colorful imageries, and a lot more. The intricate and clean expressions through ethnic prints comes in sophisticated and sartorially designed clothing items. 

The paisley prints

The recurrent theme of the 1970's the paisley prints are back in the global fashion scene and now they got infused into the clothing items of the men. These prints have no particular definition, but definitely come in playful and fun poise and outlines, giving way to the use of different colors and through intricate detailing of the patterns. Again, the sublimated paisley prints look good on the polo tees or the crew neck tees or even on the ties for men. 

Plaids and checks 

The classic plaids and checks have been adding depth to men's outfits since time immemorial. No more is the color palette restricted to bold and dark colors, as not warm and soothing shades are incorporated too. The unexpected fusions of pinks, blues and other pastel colors are creating a rage today. 

Geometric prints 

The geometric prints have the highest masculine quality , and comes with a smart yet cool finesse. Found in shirts and jackets , these come in a mixture of small and large scale patterns, black and white colors or a blend of more than one shade to result into something funky.

Camo prints    


The leading wholesale hoodies UK manufacturing companies have made a point to produce hooded jacket adorned with camo prints for the men. With a classic and vintage impact , the military inspired motifs are bold and wild to look at and reflects a very appealing silhouette easily. They are also found on the cargo pants , or the shorts too. 

Thus, the designers and manufacturers are using the sublimation printing technology to re-work on the style of prints , and this time only and only for the fashion forward men to bring some innovativeness to their looks and fashion too!


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