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6 Types of Popular Sublimation Shirts for Men


Shirts are must have outfits for men, and loved for their practicality as well as for comfort. The market abounds in a wide range of shirts, and many of them are even printed with sublimation technology to make them look brighter and more colorful, as well as reduce their production cost. Read on and know about 6 of the different types of sublimation shirts that you can buy for consumers of your apparel store. 

Sublimated Polo t-shirts

There a favorite for men, and offer a lot of comfort to the skin. These are designed to be breathable and loose in fitting. Sublimated polo shirts are made of a combination of 98% cotton and 2% polyester. Cotton provides wearers with breathability and comfort while polyester offers anti-wrinkle technology. Such kinds of shirts are usually half-sleeved, and have V-necks as well as collars. There is a soft, smooth textured base and designer buttons. You can get fashionable sublimation polo tees in black, white, grey, purple and many other colors. 

Sublimated Sleeveless t-shirts

These tees, as the name indicates, have short sleeves and thin straps. The arms can be air-dried while wearing these tees, and they also allow body temperature to stay cooler while exercising. A lot of men prefer to wear these shirts while indulging in light workout sessions. Collared tees are to be avoided while working out, in order to prevent sweat build-up around the neck region. Sublimation t shirts are bright and the logos and patterns on them do not crack even after multiple uses and washes. 

Sublimated Sweatshirts

These shirts allow easier wicking of moisture from the body. Men love to wear these over  general standard tees when they work out in the gym or jog outdoors. These are available in a wide range of colors, and generally come with a grey or blue base color. The arms are in a dark shade, such as  black or dark grey. Many of these are hooded in form, and gym goers as well as sportsmen like to wear them. Sublimated sweatshirts have variation in designs and are extremely stylish to look at. 

Sublimated Relaxed fit shirts

Such forms of shirts stand opposite to Slim-fit varieties and the chest area is slightly fuller in them. These shirts can fit on any kind of body shape and can also be worn with any type of bottom, whether jeans, suits or khaki pants. Regardless of his body shape, a man can carry these shirts of with ease. Sublimation enhances the durability of these shirts. 

Sublimated Workout shirts

Such kind of shirts are made of synthetic fibers, polyester, poly-cotton etc. These are specially designed to control body temperature through the wicking of moisture and also helps the skin breathe easily at the time of exercising. 

Sublimated Tennis shirts

Such types of shirts come in a wide variety of fabrics, although synthetic and cotton happens to be the top choices. Sublimated shirts made of 100% cotton are breathable as well as lightweight in nature. Men can stay cool and comfortable while wearing them, and carry out tennis sessions as well as outdoor activities with a lot of ease.

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