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6 Custom sublimated shirt designs that won’t go out of style

Customizing clothing wholesale is quite a prickle for the small businesses; particularly personalizing the likes of dye sublimation polo shirts and jackets, whose demands are so wide and unique. However, with the current market so fiercely competitive, having a distinct wholesale is nothing short of essential for the retailers. Hence, customization is a must.

While it really depends on the specific demands of the target customers that the retailers are targeting as to what sublimation shirt designs would work, there are few popular designs that seem to never go out of style. Here are of 6 such custom designs that would never fail the small clothing businesses-

sublimation shirts

Sprig- A pattern of small shoots, twigs, plant and flower leaves in various colors, sizes and seams. Starting small with simple stem and branching out in different layers, these patterns are classy and reflect a warm and elegant feel.

Polka dots- They’re evergreen and work with everything and for everyone. Whether looking for a simple look or a forward appearance, polka dots are often the foremost choice of both the female and male customers.

Animal motifs- Highly appealing to the young consumers, animal motif sublimated shirts exude a cool flavor that vouches to work like a charm as a daily wear.

Chevron- These are the zigzags of mostly monochrome stripes. Eye-catchy, they reflect an eccentric feel that makes them a perfect choice for a distinct appearance to stand out the crowd with maximum style.

Gingham check- Gingham-patterned flannel shirts are already too very popular. And their polo shirt variants are rising in the market. They are definitely a perfect sublimation design that works for both female and male customers.

Mini check- Horizontal and vertical lines cutting each other to form small boxes.  Mini checks are as classy and neat as it gets. Super dapper, they are very attractive and come in many variants that give the customers with plenty to mix and match to suit their specific styling need.

                               dye sublimation polo shirts

These are the 6 sublimation shirt designs that are always high on demand. They include a wide room for small clothing businesses to bring in their creativity and customize the color and other variants as suited to their target customer base. So when doubt, they should definitely opt for these popular designs.

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