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5 Types of Sublimation Clothing to Buy

Sublimation apparels are becoming extremely popular with each passing year, and one can find people catching the style of dressing in these outfits from rappers, singers, models and other showbiz personalities. These have very appealing designs, abstract dyes and prints and vibrant colors. At present, many new trends are coming up in the sublimation clothing market – whether it concerns sublimation t shirts or bottoms. Read and know about the latest trends in the sublimated apparel market before ordering such types of clothes from suppliers for your clothing store customers.

                           Sublimated t-shirts

Sublimation Jackets

There are lots of variations and options when it comes to jackets with sublimated printing. Such types of jackets are growing in popularity and the craze does not seem to die down in the coming years. These jackets come with very attractive designs and patterns, both on the front and the back. Unlike standard printed jackets, these patterns do not fade or crack after some months. The prints do not get damaged due to snow or rain, although extended hours of going in the sun can cause some damage to the dyes used in printing. For all their benefits, these jackets come at a low price. One can wear these in different situations.

Sublimated polo shirts

Sublimation polo shirts are in high demand among both sexes, and even kids love to wear them for the vibrant colors and designs that they come with. Inks on dyes are first printed over paper and then transferred onto the surface of the fabrics. Manufacturers may also print the designs from printers and attach these with ribbons containing sublimation inks. Polo shirts made with this kind of printing tend to last for a long time without the colors or designs getting faded or cracked.

Sublimated Socks

                               Sublimated socks

These were at first viewed as a type of fashionable accessory which would soon go out of fashion. But the craze for socks with sublimation printing seems to be only going up with time. Many top of the line brands like NIKE are coming up with these socks, complete with decorative designs. These are “in” when it comes to latest fashion and can easily be produced as well as customized. Any sublimation clothing manufacturer can create and personalize these socks for athletes with their chosen team colors and logos. Bright pictures and colors are used in them. A jig is necessary for supporting these socks.

Sublimated hoodie

It is another popular type of clothing which is made with sublimation printing. These are often made with prints of large sizes, and the designs on them can stay on for a long time to come. These can be created at much lower costs although there is no compromise on the quality front. Despite lower production costs, this type of hoodie looks premium in appearance.

Sublimated Capri

                               Sublimated Capri Pant

These are colorful in form and usually come with bold patterns and designs. Many companies love to experiment with the designs and wearers like to sport them on various occasions, whether at home or outside while meeting with friends.


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