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5 Things to Consider While Buying Lacrosse Socks

The game of lacrosse resembles field hockey and ball and racquet games, and is inspired by sports activities of the Aborigines. Lacrosse socks extend to the kneecap and these are generally worn in colors of individual teams. Such kinds of socks come with compressive areas around the feet arches and consist of moisture-wicking mesh zones. There is more elasticity about the top which prevents the socks from moving down the calf areas. If you have opened up an apparel store, it will be a good idea to keep sublimation socks lacrosse in your stock. Here are 5 things to consider when you are buying these kinds of socks.


Keep in mind that these kinds of socks are available in two different types of length. Tube length socks consist of shin guards which protect the shins and keep the players safe. Make sure that you buy tube length socks which are constructed to be moisture wicking in form. There are also crew length socks which provide the calves with a firmer grip but do not compress the blood vessels, and can keep wearers confident and comfortable all the while on the field.


In some cases, the strength of the fibers in these socks is compared to the strength of socks used for football. The fibers used in the construction of these socks should be strong enough, but allow enough freedom of movement to wearers. The socks should not restrict the motion in any way, and allow wearers to play the sport of lacrosse with ease.


The socks should also be long lasting in construction. Socks of strong construction are needed in this sport, as these have to undergo a lot of stress and strain on the field. The last thing that buyers would want is to have their socks getting torn just weeks after purchase, and especially suffering a tear on the field. You should buy lacrosse socks from reputed brands which promise excellent construction and durability. Check whether your suppliers will be able to offer custom lacrosse socks, as per the orders of your customers.


These days, more and more athletes and lacrosse players are choosing to go with socks with designs and patterns done by superior printing such as sublimation. In contrast to screen printed designs, sublimated patterns stay put for longer time. The designs and colors do not fade very easily and the socks are more vibrant in appearance. Sublimated socks are more colorful, and the strength of these is another reason why you should go for them.


You should also check whether you are buying eco-friendly socks. Socks constructed out of bamboo, organic cotton and hemp are more preferable for lacrosse, considering the fact that these do not cause any irritation or allergies in the skin. As the fibers have round surface, they have a soft feel against the skin of the feet. These are moisture wicking in form and can keep the feet dry and cool. Wearers can feel more comfortable and can deliver their best to the sport. 

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