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5 Sublimated Items to Keep in Your Clothing Store

Clothes and accessories made of sublimation printing are highly popular, and come with attractive colors and designs. Unlike screen printed ones, these are more affordable to buy and tend to last longer. Naturally, these are greatly in demand among consumers. If you have opened an apparel store, here are 5 of the popular types of sublimated clothing and accessories that you should purchase and keep in stock.

Sublimation towels

These are soft to feel and have a smooth sensation on the skin. There are absorbents generally made of dri-fit fabric, 100% pure cotton, microfiber or organic blended fabric and often come with a polyester blended surface. These come in varied styles, shapes, colors and prints and can easily be customized as per individual preferences. Sublimated towels have non-fading designs and colors. One can use them in gyms, health clubs, kitchen and many other places such as beaches.

                               sublimated towels

Sublimated hoodies

There are fleece hoodies, zipper hoodies, pull over hoodies and more to be found in wardrobes today. Stars like Justin Bieber and David Beckham have popularized these outfits and made them enter mainstream fashion like never before. These offer protection from chills, drizzles and the sun. Such kinds of outfits come with long-lasting logos and designs, and can also protect the head from gusts of winds. Get hoodies in varied styles, such as Baja or Zip Up, in order to cater to the needs of diverse customers. 

Sublimated socks

These are must-haves for most men and women today, especially for those who love playing sports and take part in outdoor activities. Both sexes generally prefer seamless varieties more than the usual ones these days, due to the greater comfort that they offer. Sublimation socks are also available in vibrant colors and designs, and can last longer than the usual screen printed options. Keep in mind that the ones you choose should come with fabrics which are moisture wicking in form, in order to allow easier drying of sweat from the body.

Sublimated shirts

                               Sublimated shirts

You can get these shirts made out of a wide range of fabrics, such as 100% cotton, poly-cotton, polyester, silk and even synthetic fibers. Many of these usually come with a V-neck and prove to be more comfortable for people. Athletes love polo shirts, performance shirts and blended shirts for regular use. Sublimated shirts are mainly popular for casual, social and sporting occasions. These are easier on the pockets and can be used for a long time to come. 

Sublimated jackets

There are fleece jackets, biker jackets, bomber jackets and more to be found today in sublimated form just as much as screen printed forms. These can be paired with biker boots, gloves and washed jeans. Look for jackets which are longer lasting in form and can wick moisture conveniently from the body. Customers love to wear sublimation jackets due to the fact that the designs do not fade easily. The designs printed over the back or the front of the dresses does not crack easily, which makes sublimation jackets more popular. 

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